Sunday, June 5, 2011

L2P Club - is it really the best team online?

L2P Club - three business opportunities in one

There are lots of downline building teams on internet. Team builds are very popular, and with reason. Joining a team is the most newbie-friendly way to start a business online. It also suits well for people who haven't much time to be online.
A team member never has to worry about creating splash or squeeze pages, auto-responder follow-up e-mails, and so on. Team leaders take care of such kind of stuff. When a team member has problems or questions, he gets answers, help and guidance, all for free.
Most of the time, all the team members have to do is, to generate a certain amount of hits to team pages weekly. This way a team gets times more website traffic than an average person alone - and gets times more signups too! Usually, members are getting signups in order of joining, if they are active and are doing their part, of course. Working together, team members are helping each other to succeed.

L2P Club is yet one of the best teams online. L2P is short for Leverage2Prosperity, which was the first program the team started to build together.

Leverage2Prosperity is a program owned by a well known marketer Paul Skulitz, a cycler of tiny 2x2 matrices with 10 levels. 2x2 matrix means, every member needs only 6 people under him to cycle. Completing of each cycle gives another entry into the cycle of the same level, an entry into next cycle on the higher level, and cash reward. When members cycle on the last, 10th level, they get $20,000 in cash. Joining the Leverage2Prosperity costs only $10, and after completing their first, A-level matrix (remember, only 6 people needed!), everything else is actually free, because cash reward for cycling for the first time is exactly $10! That's why we can say, Leverage2Prosperity is highly rewarding.
The product of Leverage2Prosperity is as amazing as their compensation plan - travel vouchers. They vary of course, and also varies the discount they give, but it is always huge! What about getting a cruise with retail price of $549.00 for $75 only, for example? This is one of the offers at the moment I'm writing. The members of Leverage2Prosperity don't need to wait until they earn enough money to go to vacation... these prices are affordable for everyone!

As said above, joining Leverage2Prosperity costs only $10, and it is an one time fee. L2P Club decided to make the deal even more sweet. They created their own feeder matrix for Leverage2Prosperity: L2P SpotsNCash
As far as I know, no team before has launched its own program, which makes L2P SpotsNCash absolutely unique.
L2P SpotsNCash is another 2x2 matrix, and the joining costs only $5 - a half of the price of joining Leverage2Prosperity, but for this tiny tiny one time fee the members can earn unlimited positions on Leverage 2 Prosperity.
L2P SpotsNCash makes joining Leverage2Prosperity affordable for everybody. Everybody can afford 5 dollars... especially when he earns them back from the same feeder matrix!
Here is how it works:
after joining for $5 and completing the matrix of 6 people, the members of L2P SpotsNCash have a choice. They can take their position on Leverage2Prosperity ($10 value) and $7.50 in cash. But, instead of $7.50 they can also take automatical re-entry into feeder matrix (5 dollar value), 2.85 in cash (there is a difference of 35 cents, because of smaller AlertPay fee), and repeat the process over and over again! Unlimited spots on Leverage2Prosperity, and unlimited payments of $2.85 for one time $5 - isn't it a deal of the year??? That's why joining L2P SpotsNCash is highly recommended.

Third income stream L2P Club offers to its members is a new program called Pay2Up, created and owned by Carlos Widen. Pay2Up gives its members residual income.
There are many 2-up programs online, but Pay2Up seems to beat them all. On Pay2Up, the interests of members/sponsors are protected the best possible way - the sponsors are always paid in first order.
2 first referrals of every member go up to his/her sponsor, and the 3rd starts his own powerline. Every member of Pay2Up can sponsor unlimited number of people, and started with 3rd, each one of them pays him $10 monthly, and also gives him 2 first referrals. The cost is $13 monthly, which is an excellent price for a program with unlimited earning potential.
As for the product, Pay2Up is hard to beat. It has its own network, Widen Network, where the members can introduce their business opportunities to other members, and a huge amount of downloadable stuff, including amazing web page maker software, meditation music, you can rebrand and sell on- and offline, Photoshop training, Blogger training, PowerPoint training, Pay-Per-Click training, interwievs and training from Frank Kern, Jeff Roberti, Russell Brunson, and other star marketers... and much, much more! What makes the video-audio library of Pay2Up special is, there are also available guides and tutorials in Russian.
L2P Club helps their members to get started with Pay2Up, giving them their first 3 referrals.

There is always something going on on L2P Club. Team leader Isabela Capsuna is busy testing and improving the team splash and squeeze pages, and creating new, better converting ones. For members, there are weekly contests: best clickers (better do not try to cheat using autosurfs: all clicks are tracked!), best posters to credit based safelists, and best bloggers/article publishers are rewarded. To find out what's going on, check out their forum
For fast communication the skype chatroom is created - Isabela is always available for every team member, even if her status on skype shows "busy" - it is there for outsiders only!

My suggestion to everybody who is looking for a rewarding business and a friendly community online: join L2P Club, and you get both! To learn more and/or to join, click the next link, and fill up the form on the page:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Easiest way to make 50 blog posts daily?

Yesterday I googled a traffic exchange I am a member of. I was very surprised when I found my own text on Google, with the username I'm using for many programs, Katike60. It was my safelist ad, word to word, copy/paste.
It was on a blog. There was another ad of mine too, and also ads of many other GotSafelist users, I recognized many familiar names, like Cynthia Howard, Peter Dobler, Tabatha Grant... I checked only the posts from April 2009, but there are thousands of them, every month!
The owner has to be a member of GotSafelist, and he copies the e-mails to his blog daily. At first I was furious because I thought the guy is using other peoples' texts, and just replaces the referral links. I even wrote an ironical comment. Today I looked at it more closely and saw, it is still my cloaked link... so the guy is promoting the programs of other GotSafelist users! We should be grateful... I only can't understand, why he is doing it!
Want to see this miracle? Blog title is Join Yuwie and Get Paid to Socialise, and the link to the archive is
All GotSafelist users, unite to get tons of traffic to this blog LOL!